First Nations Cultural Aurora Viewing Excursion

Venturing to Dettah to see the northern lights truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And we don’t use that cliche lightly. If you haven’t seen it, we’re sure you’ve heard of the hit History Channel show Ice Road Truckers, which garnered a cult following when it aired in 2007. Well, guess what, you get to experience what it’s like to travel on an ice road, weather permitting, when you’re chauffeured six kilometres across Great Slave Lake’s frozen surface on the Dettah Ice Road. And that’s just the start of this wondrous excursion.

$130 per guest

Included in Explore Yellowknife Tour (both winter and autumn – no ice road in autumn) Four hours of viewing, from 9pm – 1am or 10pm – 2am)

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Once you arrive at Dettah, you’ll settle into a wood-stove cabin on the shoreline of Great Slave Lake, where you’ll stay and experience the transcendent moment of an illuminating sky, seeing the northern lights the way nature intended.

What makes this event so special, even incomparable, is being immersed in First Nations culture, as locals from the nearby Dettah community elevate the experience with a traditional drumming performance. Authentic northern snacks and hot beverages are also included, the perfect icing on a wonderfully crafted frozen cake.

Price includes round-trip transportation
Hot drink and traditionally open fire-cooked fish included