Alaskan Husky Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is an activity you simply must try at least once in your lifetime. Humans can only dream of displaying the tight knit camaraderie and teamwork portrayed by the pack of huskies that whisk you through the Boreal Forest in seemingly effortless fashion. The exhilarating sensation and feelings of belonging associated with driving your own dog team are unrivalled and will surely get you hooked on the centuries-old pastime.

$125 CAN per person

Included in Explore Yellowknife Tour (winter package) and Trout Rock Lodge Retreat (winter package)

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Led on a guided tour of the Boreal Forest by mushers from Enodah Kennels, you’ll get to drive your very own dog team atop the frozen tundra on one of the world’s most untouched landscapes. Why dream of being whisked across the pristine winter landscape when you can have your very own Balto help you experience it in the wild yourself?

So caught up telling you about the fulfilment you’ll get out of harmoniously venturing through the forest with your team of dogs, we almost forgot to mention the majestic scenery you’ll be surrounded by that will send shivers up your spine. And it won’t be the kind of shivers brought on by cold weather.