Great Slave Lake Ice Fishing Demonstration

Along with watching a short informative commercial fishery introduction, you’ll learn about pressure ridges – resulting from a change in temperature which causes the ice to crack – that create impressive ice heaves.

$125 CAN per guest

And for the crescendo: Enjoy eating the freshly caught fish with a complementary warming herbal tea. You’ll be hard pressed to find an activity more befitting a Canadian winter.

Optional Add On: One Ice Fishing Hole Per Person

There is a lot to do in Yellowknife, but ice fishing is an activity you simply must try. If you’ve never experienced the quintessentially Canadian winter sport, Yellowknife is the ideal location to give it a whirl.

There’s something about sitting on a frozen lake, the second biggest in Canada, in the middle of winter and fishing through a precisely cut hole through a thick slate of ice.
Sound challenging and a little scary? Don’t worry, you’ll absolutely love the experience and will want to share the anecdote with anyone willing to listen. Good thing you’ll have the photos to prove it happened.

$30 CAN per guest

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