Explore Yellowknife Tour

Yellownife is a destination like no other. Famed for being one of the best places on the planet to celebrate aurora borealis, Yellowknife is the embodiment of nature at its most pristine, beautiful and rugged. Blessed with dark, clear and starry skies, the northern lights are visible 240 nights per year, headlining the northern city’s tourism appeal.

While the northern lights are clearly the showcase attraction, Yellowknife is the perfect launching point for countless other adventures. Whether you decide to embark on the Yellowknife Tour in autumn or winter, there are loads of unique, thrilling, rewarding and unforgettable activities included in this gratifying tour package.

Here are the unique ways Yellowknife Tours facilitates your northern lights’ viewings:

Coach Aurora Borealis Tour – Kick back and relax while a deluxe coach takes you to numerous serene lakes. You’ll forever remember the stunning, crystal-clear reflections off the exceptionally still lakes.

Aurora Viewing Station – The Aurora Viewing Station (also included in Trout Rock Lodge Retreat) is fitted with a 360° sky-deck observatory for optimal northern lights’ viewings. Hop inside the cabin to enjoy freshly served hot beverages and snacks, rounding out the perfect aurora experience.

Aboriginal Village Experience – This is your chance at a unique, culturally enriching northern lights’ outing, the way nature intended it! After being chauffeured across the famous Dettah Ice Road on route to Dettah, you’ll get to appreciate the northern lights in a wood-stove cabin on the shoreline of Great Slave Lake. First Nations locals elevate the incomparable experience with a traditional drumming performance. It’s an outing like no other, one you’ll cherish and want to relive. Authentic northern snacks and hot beverages are also served, ensuring each and every sense is wowed!

Included in winter and autumn packages:

  • Shuttle service to and from airport
  • 4 days, 3 nights or 5 days, 4 nights available
  • Yellowknife City and Northern Sky Films 360° Dome Theatre tours provides an opportunity to learn about northern culture
  • Stay at the highly rated, renowned Explorer Hotel, Chateau Nova or Capital Suites
  • Daily breakfast provided

Exclusive to winter package

  • Experience the rugged beauty of ice fishing atop the frozen surface of Great Slave Lake. It’s a quintessential winter activity everyone must try at least once! Lunch is also included.
  • Alaskan Husky Dog Sledding (embed hyperlink to more in-depth dogsledding excerpt on activities page) – Enjoy the majestic scenery as you adventure harmoniously with your team of dogs through the untouched wilderness of the Boreal Forest.

Exclusive to autumn package:

  • Cameron Falls Trail – A fairly easy 30-minute hike takes you through the pristine Boreal Forest before arriving at Cameron Falls. The walking tour offers spectacular views everywhere you turn, an absolute treat for nature lovers and photographers of all skill levels.
  • Great Slave Lake Boat Trip – A tour that encapsulates the Great White North, you’ll take in the breathtaking scenery while fishing the plentiful waters of Canada’s second largest lake. A traditional meal, with fish as the hero of the dish, is included.


  • 4 days, 3 nights package costs $1,370 CDN per person
  • 5 days, 4 nights package costs $1,670 CDN per person
  • $200 CDN for additional night